Genthon’s "Elegance" in Gold plated


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A hermetic bottle stopper that fits the No-Drip device with internal fixation: that is Genthon’s answer to consumers and customers loyal to Genthon products.

Indeed, wine buffs and professionals (wine growers and cellar men) alike were anxious to protect their wines from fast oxidation once the bottles were opened. They wanted to use a stopper without having to remove the No-Drip device used to pour the wine. Only a stopper fitting the No-Drip could meet their demand.

The No-Drip with the stopper brings style to the bottle, thus the name “Elegance” for this particular line of products.



The No-Drip and its stopper have the striking feature of fitting some 95% of all wine bottles.

The stopper has been specially designed for this type of no-drip (i.e. with an internal fixation to the neck). It can’t be used for any other purpose.

A silicone ring secures the No-Drip device inside the neck of the bottle. Another silicone ring makes the bottle stopper totally hermetic. (See Maintenance).



As for all our products, laser engraving can be made on the No-Drip and the stopper. Laser engraving is possible for an order of 50 pieces minimum.

Laser engraving


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