Grey anodized aluminum Genthon's vacuum pump


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Genthon's Vid'Air vacuum pump, removes the air from the wine bottle : design and effectiveness make Genthon’s Vid’air truly innovative.

  • A plug is associated with the Genthon's Vid'Air vacuum. 
  • It is semi automatic : the rise of the button is done without action.
  • As soon as the rated nominal cacuum is obtained the button remains depressed.
  • It is made of anodized aluminum that comes in grey or black.
  • Genthon’s Vid’air is put together by hand in our workshops in Lyon and every part is thoroughly tested.
  • A silicon seal allows the Vid’air to be set into the bottleneck. With time, it may wear out, and it can be changed.

Genthon’s Vid’air, its specificity



Genthon’s Vid’air has one special feature: the air is removed gradually from the bottle.

Indeed, as soon as you press the push button stopper, the quantity of air in the bottle is equivalent to the volume of the Vid’air body. As the depression in the bottle increases, the air volume in the Vid’air diminishes, thus leading the push button to go down.

When the process comes to an end, it means the bottle will preserve the wine well for a period between five and ten days.

This new concept allows air to be removed gradually. With Vid’Air, wine in an opened bottle:

  • wine will keep its aroma,
  • wine will keep its feel in the palate and its savour,
  • wine will be preserved for longer than with the available current systems


A surface is reserved for personalized or corporate engraved messages or logos
Engraving can be made on the body of Genthon’s Vid’air or on the Vid'Air button.

Laser engraving on the bottle Vid'Air button


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